REHAB is a locally owned business that loves serving the St. Louis community.  Our team comprised of Eli and Nicholas Hennessey, longtime residents who attended Ladue High School and Chaminade College Preparatory right there in St. Louis.  They both went on to study Construction Management and Business at Colorado State University (one of the top ranked programs in the US) to bring the latest information and best practices back home.  The Hennessey’s grew up with strong ties to the construction and insurance industries.  Having their father Tim Hennessey, who built and owns one of the top, high-end custom home building companies in the area (Hennessey Development Inc.), Eli and Nicholas have been exposed to construction their whole lives and have their father to assist them with his expert knowledge in the construction industry.   Many other family members are involved with insurance companies and construction companies.  All of this experience and dedication was used to create REHAB.

Missouri has a very dynamic climate that can throw everything from snow to tornadoes at us, then turn around and boil us with humidity and heat during the summer.  REHAB is a construction team that lives here and understands exactly how this can affect homes and businesses in our area.  We use this knowledge to help provide a very high level of understanding and competence when working with you.

We specialize in Insurance Restoration Construction.  That means we don’t just fix stuff, we create a good relationship with clients, insurance companies, and our contractors to build and restore your life after a disaster.  REHAB would be nothing without our clients; their many referrals and repeat business speak volumes for us.  When people use REHAB they tend to tell everyone they can about our personal and professional customer service, and they call us again when they need work.  You can’t buy that kind of advertising; you have to earn it!  St. Louis has been good to us, and we hope that you continue to enjoy our services for many years to come.

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