Most people don’t think about a roof until it stops working.  It is the most important part of any structure, and when it goes wrong it goes really wrong.  One of the most common jobs people hire REHAB for is roof repair and replacement.  We understand every aspect of roofing and that helps us complete these projects with speed and excellence.

Your roof is a complex system of protection, ventilation, and insulation.  Without it, you are quite literally left out in the elements to fend for yourself.  Even the smallest leak can begin to destroy everything inside your structure, which costs you time and money while eroding your piece of mind.  REHAB uses only the best quality materials among every price point to make your roof is sound, safe, and efficient.  We know that while functionality is the most important thing, aesthetics is a concern to.  Our years of experience have helped us learn how to repair and replace your roof while giving it a clean and tidy appearance that will complement the rest of your structure.

From trusses to shingles, we can answer any of your questions.  The terminology and complexity of a roofing construction project can be a little overwhelming, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting it done.  Part of our service is a property consultation where we send one of our professionals to your door to assess your needs and address all of your concerns.  Roofs are our business, don’t let a damaged roof ruin your home or business, call REHAB today.

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